ExtraHere’s a piece on where teenagers get their news and how to raised a politically informed kid. (Now with less Jon Stewart.)

Here’s one about a horrid romance novel between a Jew and a Nazi. (Let it be known that I beat every media outlet to this story except Flavorwire, and that was only because my editor wanted me to add the Summer of My German Soldier reference, which slowed me down. Not that I’m competitive.) Here is one about menstruation-tastic apps for Orthodox Jewish women to track when they’re pure and impure, and thus able to have contact with their husbands.

And on SorryWatch, two literary apologies! One from a bookstore owner who gave refunds to customers who pre-ordered the “new” Harper Lee novel, Go Set a Watchman, and one from the author of the offensive Jew-Nazi romance novel.

And finally, here is a study by my grandfather, published  in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1930, about Jewish women getting tapeworms from tasting raw gefilte fish.


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pickle history! sophie tucker! whoo!

by marjorieingall on July 29, 2015

il_570xN.459535504_2ldbToday in Tablet magazine, the history of pickles in America. (No dogs were harmed in the actual writing of the article.)

Bonus: A look at sexy fat-girl powerhouse Sophie Tucker.


snarly story roundup!

by marjorieingall on July 23, 2015

Let’s see, since we last spoke I wrote about the way Jewish summer camps’ programming for Tisha B’Av traumatized generations of tiny Hebrews (and offered suggestions of better ways to observe this sad holiday). I also did shorter pieces on a big grant that helps would-be parents dealing with infertility; the battle to save the East Village’s historic B&H Dairy restaurant; and journalist Samuel G. Freedman’s forthcoming book and audio documentary about his colleague, Jeff Schmalz, the pioneering AIDS reporter for the NYT.

Oh, plus a piece for SorryWatch confirming that nope, Lance Armstrong is still not actually sorry. Film at 11.


in which a yay

by marjorieingall on June 26, 2015



what i’ve been writing lately

by marjorieingall on June 18, 2015


Here is a review of a parenting book that made me want to throw things. Here is a farewell to Phineas and Ferb, the smartest kids’ show on TV. Here’s a look at the fascinating history of a Greek-Jewish community in NYC. And here is a New York Times book review of Jami Attenberg’s wonderful new novel Saint Mazie.

I’m also working on my book (about the history of the Jewish Mother stereotype and why it’s wrong) and other projects, and sitting next to my beautiful cat, who is dying. Which, along with yet another insane shooting of innocent people and Tablet’s huge piece today about ISIS’s murder of journalist Steven Sotloff, puts a lot of things in perspective.


effective sex education (with bonus Mean Girls quotes)

by marjorieingall on May 29, 2015



This week’s Tablet magazine column: A look at best practices for sex education (shout-out to the awesome Population Council) and how some Jewish schools and educators are trying to incorporate them.  I can’t decide which I like more: Tablet art director Esther Werdiger’s work on this story, or her work on Tal Trachtman Aloy’s story about the little-known Jewish history of the Girl Scout movement.


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weekend reading if you are so inclined

by marjorieingall on May 1, 2015


1. Great show at the Studio Museum of Harlem (and no, fellow yehudim, we don’t need our own show about our hair).

2. Please do not watch serial domestic violence all-star Floyd Meriweather in his gazillion-dollar-payday fisticuffs this weekend.

3. What we can learn from a soulful 10-year-old girl with Ewing’s Sarcoma.

4. Fantasy Jewish megafights we’d like to see. (Hint: RBG KO’s all.)

Unrelated note: I am loving Daredevil on Netflix and trying not to binge it all in one crazed sleepless fell swoop. The fight scenes, the humor, the very existence of True Blood’s Deborah Ann Woll on this planet, the heavy Catholicism (as a Jew, I relate to Catholic guilt), Vincent d’Onofrio’s just-enough scenery chewing,  the super-dark, saturated palette. But one thing. [click to continue…]


raising feminist kids and other stuff

by marjorieingall on April 24, 2015


In Tablet magazine this week, I riffed on Lizzie Skurnick’s new book, That Should Be a Word, and discussed how to raise feminist children. I got hate mail for the latter, because MENINISM.

Screen Shot 2012-11-10 at 14.34.40


Also of late I have written some SorryWatch things: A roundup of recent celebrity apologies (Evans! Renner! Affleck! Rai!), a nasty sportscaster’s nasty apology, a fine response to barfing in a bookstore, and an apology-centric “pourquoi tale.”


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more ranting

by marjorieingall on April 17, 2015

In Tablet magazine this week: I did pieces on the plethora of Holocaust books for children, most of which are NOT GOOD, and on the ALA’s list of most-frequently-banned-and-challenged-books of 2014, which does not contain enough Jews.

The art for the Holocaust piece, incidentally, was inspired by an actual book cover.



You know, for kids!


Jewish soldiers, eating matzoh, during WWII, overseas

by marjorieingall on March 29, 2015

A fun-to-report and strangely moving (to me, anyway) piece on how Jewish soldiers celebrated Passover in the European and Pacific military theaters during World War II. It’s a bit freaky, handling these old documents at the Center for Jewish History/American Jewish Historical Society. They don’t even make you wear gloves! (I was super-careful anyway.)

Other recent pieces: The Best Children’s Books for Passover, Josie’s and my annual CHALK expedition in memory of the Triangle Factory Fire, ideas for making your seder sparklier, and more.