shirtmaker to the stars

by marjorieingall on December 18, 2015

spoolsThis week in Tablet magazine, I wrote about Carl Goldberg, a third generation schmatte man who’s clothed the men of the imminent Fiddler on the Roof revival. (He’s also shirted up School of Rock, Allegiance, Wicked, The Book of Mormon, Beautiful and Therese Raquin…and those are just the shows currently on Broadway.)

I also wrote about the demise of ugly-Hanukkah-sweater innovator GeltFiend, which I see as a metaphor, because I see everything as a metaphor.


This means the last three stories I’ve done for Tablet have been about fashion. I do not know why.


admire my children’s cuteness, i demand it

by marjorieingall on December 14, 2015

max eiseman

I wrote about the 70th anniversary of Florence Eiseman’s childrenswear. I’d never heard of the label before I married into a family from Milwaukee, Eiseman’s home city, where she is worshipped like a goddess of appliqué. My kids inherited a bunch of glorious vintage dresses. NOW IS THE TIME ON BLOG WHEN WE COO.

I also wrote about Hanukkah manicures, plus adorable dolls made by Jewish and Arab women in Jaffa under the auspices of an Arab feminist organization that foster interreligious bridge-building.

Oh look, another adorable vintage-clad child.

josie eiseman


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The Best Jewish Children’s Books of 2015!

by marjorieingall on December 2, 2015


In Tablet Magazine. The best of the best! I have spent the last couple of months reading like a mofo.

Sadly, there were big-kid books I really liked but couldn’t justify including in Tablet because they didn’t have quite enough Jewy to them. But let’s discuss!  [click to continue…]

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what’s new, pussycat

by marjorieingall on November 18, 2015

I did not love the Superheroes in Gotham exhibit at the New-York Historical Society. I liked it. It was cute. It could have been so much more.

I do, however, love the manly facial pelt of Aaron Rodgers. In Movember, November, all the ever.

I also enjoyed an evening of documentary shorts at DOC NYC.

I did not enjoy the weak apology of the Mizzou prof who bullied two student journalists. Look, apologize or don’t; skip the self-justifying and blame-throwing and ambiguity. If you don’t feel you can fully own the apology, just skip it. Or call the students to apologize privately (if you think that’s warranted) and say nothing publicly. It’s an option.

I spoke at a conference for writers and illustrators of Jewish children’s books.

I went to the NYT Best Illustrated Books ceremony. It was lovely! And there was much excellent fashion! And I still love the books we chose! And Christian Robinson kindly autographed my daughter Josephine’s copy of Josephine and drew a little jazz dancing figure inside! (He won for Leo but I do not have a child named Leo.)


Here are the winners, minus Csil from France & Guojing from China, who couldn’t attend, sadly. The photo is by Earl Wilson for the New York Times.


And now I am working like crazy on Tablet’s Best Jewish Children’s Books of 2015 list. And sopping up the blood resulting from a sudden kitten attack on my earring.


agent carter and nimona on halloween (with bonus peep)

by marjorieingall on November 1, 2015




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today in bylines and other exciting activities

by marjorieingall on October 30, 2015

I was a judge for the New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Books of 2015. I loved working with Monica Edinger and Frank Viva; we got along well and were respectful of each other’s opinions. They had to deal with me whining a lot about having to eliminate titles which IS PART OF THE GIG I GET IT BUT IT STILL SUCKS. [click to continue…]

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shiny new bylines

by marjorieingall on October 18, 2015

1011-BKS-PICTUREBOOKS1-master675I reviewed a bunch of SCAWY SCAWY children’s picture books in The New York Times, and shared with the world the fact that my dad was semi-apeshit.

I wrote this essay for Tablet on diversity in children’s literature and where the Jews fit in (or should fit in). It is, granted, confuzzling. We should not be defining ourselves by our experiences with anti-Semitism, or by protesting that WE TOTES DO SUFFER, or by bringing out the big guns: HELLO THE HOLOCAUST IS OUR ULTIMATE TRUMP CARD. There are lots of ways to explore Jewish culture that we’re screwing up or missing out on, which is a reflection of where we are as slightly-confused betwixt-and-between American Jews. (I didn’t write this in the piece, but I saw a roundup of Jews on a web site about diversity, a site that had never before addressed Judaism, and the topic was “Tell us about the anti-Semitism you’ve experienced.” Offensive! That’s like asking a bunch of LGBT novelists only “Tell us about your experiences with bias and hate”! Also, all the writers interviewed were white women — Jews aren’t all white! — and not all of them even ADDRESS Jewish identity in their work! I remember a piece I wrote a million years ago for Sassy about Deaf culture, and how much I learned from that research; Deaf activists don’t define themselves by their “disability,” and see themselves as part of a group connected by language, history and tradition. If you can possibly believe it about Deaf people, why not Jews? You have to look for the writers and books that DO address Jewishness in a complex, thoughtful, clueful, creative way in their work. And a problem is that those books are hard to find. (Look at my year-end lists for Tablet on the best Jewish children’s books as a starting point in looking for them.)

Other stuff: A funny (I hope) piece about my children’s and my attempt to build a medieval paper castle — sent to me, bafflingly, for review — while wondering how we could put a positive Jewish spin on what was in general a pretty shitty time for the Jews of Western Europe. (Among our re-imaginings: Joshua fit the battle of Jericho and the walls came tumbling down.


I also did a little piece on sympathy cards for miscarriage and stillbirth. And as ever, you should check out our doings over at SorryWatch.




byline alerts…

by marjorieingall on September 25, 2015

Getting my Jew on over at SorryWatch: A wrap-up of High Holiday apology coverage, Maimonides on apology,  and forgiveness-related art.

Oh look, parenting advice from Susan Sontag, via Lists of Note.

Torah and haftarah readings on Yom Kippur make me ponder rape culture.

How is a Sukkah like a TARDIS?



and what have i been up to lately?

by marjorieingall on September 11, 2015

tumblr_mak29orYxM1qbyliso2_500Here is why I think Stephen Colbert is the best exemplar of a person of faith in America today, and why he’s such a good moral exemplar for American Jewish liberals. (I like the title my editor came up with: “The Gospel of Stephen Colbert.”) And here is a parody of the Grub Street Diet, in which annoying Rosh Hashanah observers keep food diaries. No new SorryWatch posts this week, sorry!


byline roundup!

by marjorieingall on September 4, 2015

B&HDairyI got super-excited about the return of B&H Dairy, the last kosher dairy restaurant on lower Second Avenue. (I am kinda obsessed.)

I demanded that Lore Segal’s classic children’s book Tell Me A Mitzi be returned from out-of-print Siberia.


I recommended a friend’s funny and erudite book of Shakespeare-inspired cocktails and snackage. (I have quoted her amusing Everyday Shakespeare blog here before.)

And I suggested ways to observe Labor Day — books, movies, activism — with your kids, whatever their ages.

Over at SorryWatch, I discussed the Napa Wine Train racist debacle and subsequent groveling, and rolled my eyes at Tila Tequila’s apology for past Hitler lovin’. (Plus Bic Pens in South Africa social-media’d stupidly, a Spanish reggae festival blamed the pernicious pressure of BDS for its own anti-Semitic actions, and Duggars were horrible.)

Also: I did my first podcastUnorthodox, over at Tablet. I was wearing my SorryWatch hat, explaining to host Mark Oppenheimer how to apologize in advance of the High Holidays. I was very nervous–I’d never been in an actual recording studio, with the baffled soundproofing and big headsets and gigundo microphones.

Also, went to RI and hung out with mom and kids while husband was at Burning Man.



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