non-Jewish Hebrew tattoo roundup!

by marjorieingall on October 21, 2014

This week in Tablet Magazine: Come for the cultural appropriation, stay for the grammatical errors!

I am not anti-tattoo. I applaud creative, personal, artistic work. And to address an issue that came up on Twitter: I think it is possible for non-Jews to have thoughtful, well-done, attractive and respectful tattoos in Hebrew. Olympic swimmer Fabien Gilot, in my piece, is an example; his tattoo has actual personal significance, and the lettering is well-done and well-placed.

But to get back to the mockery, here is a bonus (ugly) tattoo, cut from the story because it’s not actually Hebrew: Singer Lily Allen has a Star of David, along with symbols of the other major world religions, tattooed on her wrist. Along with a communist hammer and sickle, a smiley face, a ripoff of Keith Haring’s barking dog, and Homer Simpson’s head. Because of course she does.



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