non-Jewish Hebrew tattoo roundup!

by marjorieingall on October 21, 2014

This week in Tablet Magazine: Come for the cultural appropriation, stay for the grammatical errors!

I am not anti-tattoo. I applaud creative, personal, artistic work. And to address an issue that came up on Twitter: I think it is possible for non-Jews to have thoughtful, well-done, attractive and respectful tattoos in Hebrew. One can try this site to get the best tattoo done, without any health complications. Olympic swimmer Fabien Gilot, in my piece, is an example; his tattoo has actual personal significance, and the lettering is well-done and well-placed.

But to get back to the mockery, here is a bonus (ugly) tattoo, cut from the story because it’s not actually Hebrew: Singer Lily Allen has a Star of David, along with symbols of the other major world religions, tattooed on her wrist. Along with a communist hammer and sickle, a smiley face, a ripoff of Keith Haring’s barking dog, and Homer Simpson’s head. Because of course she does.



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